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Wide Selection of Oztrail Tents for Sale

Are you looking for a reliable family tent? iWarehouse have a wide range of Oztrail family tents for sale.   Whether you are looking for a cabin style family tent that can sleep 10 people or for a smaller dome shaped tent; we will have the perfect Oztrail tent for you.

Oztrail was founded in the late 1980s to bring high quality camping products to Australians.  30 Years down the line their products are loved and trusted worldwide for its exceptional quality and fresh innovative designs year in and year out.

iWarehouse are the preferred and authorized supplier of Oztrail tents.

See our range of Oztrail tents for sale below and order online now for the best service and price in South Africa.  Alternatively call us on 086 123 7467 for expert advice on choosing the perfect Oztrail tent for your requirements.


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  • OZtrail Eco Switch Back 2

    NOW: R639.00

    WAS: R750.00

    SAVE: R111.00

  • Oztrail - Bungalow 9 Tent

    NOW: R3,639.00

    WAS: R4,000.00

    SAVE: R361.00

  • Oztrail - Pacific Cross Tent 16 Person

    NOW: R6,999.00

    WAS: R7,700.00

    SAVE: R701.00

  • Oztrail Sportiva Lodge Family Dome Tent

    NOW: R7,269.00

    WAS: R8,000.00

    SAVE: R731.00

  • Oztrail Tasman 4V Plus Dome Tent (Sleeps 4)

    NOW: R1,099.00

    WAS: R1,500.00

    SAVE: R401.00

  • Oztrail Switch Back 2 Camo Tent

    NOW: R729.00

    WAS: R800.00

    SAVE: R71.00

  • Oztrail Tourer Swift Pitch Tent

    NOW: R2,549.00

    WAS: R2,800.00

    SAVE: R251.00

  • OZtrail Tourer Extra Swift Pitch Tent

    NOW: R2,699.00

    WAS: R3,200.00

    SAVE: R501.00

  • OZtrail Vertex Outer Limits Tent

    NOW: R2,089.00

    WAS: R2,500.00

    SAVE: R411.00

  • OZtrail Cabin 12x15 Canvas

    NOW: R12,699.00

    WAS: R14,000.00

    SAVE: R1,301.00

  • OZtrail - Flinders 3P Tent

    NOW: R499.00

    WAS: R600.00

    SAVE: R101.00

  • OZtrail - Tasman 4V Tent (Navy)

    NOW: R1,099.00

    WAS: R1,300.00

    SAVE: R201.00

Items 1 to 24 of 34 total

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