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Stoney Point - Rapid Pivot Tall Tripod


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Our Rapid Pivot Tripod System gives you 360° shooting versatility.

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Stoney Point

Rapid Pivot Tall Tripod



When in the field, we suggest you carry the quick connector installes on the telescoping legs.  It can be carried in the hand, a pack or a belt seath.  When you are getting ready to shoot, quikly attach the quick connector to your rifle and you'll have instant support.  Our Rapid Pivot Tripod System gives you 360° shooting versatility. Plus, the legs move silently and independently on the flexible attachment yoke. Twist, turn and tilt on any terrain. It's one of the most versatile in-the-field shooting rest ever devised.

Methods of adjusting the system


  • The rifle can be pivoted in rapid fashion to change direction.
  • The Telescoping Legs can be lengthened or shortend, together or individually, to account for variations in terrain and height needed.
  • Either leg can be individually moved outward or inward to quikly make changes in elevation of the system.
  • The rifle can be flexed slightly in any directions to make fine adjustments for shooting (be careful to not cant the rifle excessively as this will affect your point of impact).





  • Extention Lenght:  36" to 64" (91.44cm to 162.56cm)





  • Threaded sleeve
  • Retaining pin
  • Take-Up washer
  • Stock adaptor
  • Quick connector
  • Retaining screw
  • Base washer
  • Auxilary swivel base
  • Hex wrench


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